E.SYBOX – Electronic Pressurisation System


E.SYBOX is DAB’s integrated electronic water pressurization system for domestic or residential use. The E.SYBOX inverter system provides the comfort of constant water pressure, while saving energy too. Suitable for portable water, in domestic plants for gardening and irrigation. Suitable for creating groups of up to 4 pumps. E.SYBOX doesn’t require any additional components for installation.

  • State of the art Italian technology
  • Low noise
  • CSA Certified

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Constructional Features 

E.SYBOX comprises a self-priming, multi-stage pump with electronic inverter management, pressure and flow sensors, adjustable, high-resolution LCD display and an integrated 0.5 gallon expansion tank. Can be installed either vertically or horizontally, in closed spaces without high level of air exchange. The accessories (e.sywall, e.sydock, e.sytwin, e.sytank) permit several installation possibilities.
The water-cooled motor, the protective and sound damping ABS hull, the anti-vibration feet and its electronics make this compact product very quiet (45dB under normal use). The wireless system enables the creation of other pressurization groups able to connect with other DAB devices (eg, e.sylink).

The constant pressure can be set from 15 to 85PSI.

Technical Data

  • Operating rangecapacity up to 32 GPM; head up to 210 ft.
  • Liquid quality requirements: clean, free from solid or abrasive contaminants, non-viscous, non-aggressive, un-crystallized and chemically neutral.
  • Liquid temperature range: from 32°F to +95°F for domestic use or from 32°F to +102°C for other uses
  • Maximum suction depth: 26 ft.
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +102°F
  • Maximum withstand able pressure: 118 psi (8 bar / 800 KPa)
  • Motor protection rating: IPX4
  • Insulation class: F
  • Installation: Horizontal or vertical fixed position
  • Power Supply: 230v50-60Hz

Additional information

Weight 59.5 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 14 × 19 in


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