10.5″ Round Cone White Cap


Protect against external weather and internal rot with these strong set of piling caps made from a leading polymer that is designed to reduce weakness many other caps experience as they age. You get a piling that will last for years and a cap that matches your aesthetic.

Cone piling caps are best suited for areas where birds have few other places to land and like to roost or nest on top of pilings. The shape makes it more difficult for them to stay and deters other types of marine life as well.

Give your pilings the protection they deserve with these premium caps.

10 in stock (can be backordered)

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Conical piling caps are best suited to applications on the water where you want to keep birds and marine life off of your pilings, extending the life of each piling by years. Create the perfect seal with our complete lineup of LLDPE metallocene-based polymer caps that offer long life, superior flexibility, and dimensional consistency that limits intrusion and points of failure.

Plus, each small round cone piling cap is UV-stabilized so it won’t weaken in the Sun. These piling caps can last up to a decade or longer depending on your environment.


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