Month: March 2017

Our drive to stay environmentally friendly

The Miami Boat Show was a great success with over 40 solid leads and referrals to follow up. We also met with different suppliers that are ready to contribute to our  “green marine” store…more to come on that.

We joined the Florida Environmental Professionals Association and made some great contacts. We continued developing our business partnerships to clean the Lake Okeechobee watershed. Best win this week is our meeting with our partners at the Palm Beach Habilitation Center and the to partner with them as our Florida municipal distributor. The program gives us “preferred vendor status” with every municipality and government agency in the state, meaning that we are first in line; they must buy from us instead of going out to bid for a similar product. We are now partnered with them and they are very excited about our products. We will be meeting with them soon with the Florida Senate President Joe Negron to discuss our “Orlando to the Ocean” watershed restoration program. We will also have a kiosk in the state rotunda to let everyone know who we are and that we are cleaning water pollution in this state!

Next week: Follow up and sales. The announcement for the George Barley Everglades Water Prize, phase three, is March 1 and we are prepping for the the annual MIASF Water Ways Cleanup March 4th in Fort Lauderdale. Our collaborator is demonstrating a plastic debris-eating aquatic robot now with our SLURPITS® to absorb and digest petrochemicals as well. (this blows the Sea Bin out of the water!)