Solar Piling Down Lights


Amazingly bright yet aesthetically appealing indirect downward lighting illuminates your dock surface providing a safe and elegant look for your dock.

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Give your marina a pleasing light with these piling options that send lighting downward onto the dock surface. That way you prevent trips and stubbed toes, as well as limiting the lights shining right in the eyes of your guests and family. With a solar panel sitting right on top, these Lake Lights gives you the illumination you need for people to find their slip, watch their feet, and get back to the fun. Quickly switch between 5 different levels of illumination to make sure you’re visible during a stormy night or to make it clear which is the best path to take to get to your party at the boathouse. Create a beautiful atmosphere and give people the light they need without any LEDs directly visible and ruining the background of your photos.

  • 5 Levels of brightness
  • 6-46 Hours of run time
  • 10-125 lumens
  • Battery Life span of 3-6 years

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8.03 × 1.65 in


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